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Agent / Hudson, NH

If you are looking for the best in all travel, let Wicked Good Trips be your one stop shop for your dreams! We specialize in all inclusive luxury resorts to the largest cruise ships in the world. Wicked Good Trips provides our customers with a piece of mind knowing that they have the personalized support not given to you by all those larger agencies out there. Booking all Air travel and stunning tours, Wicked Good Trips has everything a novice or experienced traveler desires.
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Agent / Atlanta, GA

I'm Jill, an independent agent living in the Atlanta, GA area and working with clients nation-wide. I have a passion for adventure travel and unique destinations, but will go the extra mile for you no matter where your next vacation takes you. I always takes the time to fully research a location and put together packages that will surprise and delight, whether you're looking for a solo experience, a romantic honeymoon, or a group adventure. Let me help you plan the Wicked Good Trip that you will be telling stories about for the rest of your life!
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Owner / Travel Specialist

I have been in the industry for over 15 years. I specialize in leisure, family and group travel as well as luxury travel. I've traveled to some of the most remarkable places on earth like Western and Eastern Europe, Mexico, South America and the Caribbean to name a few. I love to travel and can't think of any better job than helping others fulfill their travel dreams. I'm passionate about excellent customer service and consider my clients my friends.

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